My experience spans from personal branding, cover art, social media design, web design, and commissioned artwork. Available below are PDF versions of both my resume and portfolio. If you'd like more, please feel free to contact me.



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill // School of Media and Journalism

Bachelors of Journalism // Major: Graphic Design
Graduated December 2014


Fleet Feet Inc // Production Designer

November 2017 - Present

Working in the creative department, we design all marketing assets from the ground up. We divide the work, collaborate, and work with the rest of the marketing team to deliver effective content in a timely manner.

Projects have included in-store displays, signage, and digital slides; web assets; and logo design.

Freelance // Graphic Designer

January 2015 - Present

Immediately after graduating, I began my freelance career in the design world. This has mostly grown via local connections and networking. The work has grown my skill-set considerably, while I also leverage my customer service experience to keep my clients happy.


  • Meet with clients to discuss their needs and deadlines
  • Send sketches or preliminary designs to clients to ensure I have the right idea and am headed in the right direction
  • Maintain communication through design process
  • Always be available and willing to alter my ideas to suit their wishes and needs, while also providing expertise and suggestions

REI // Footwear Sales Lead & Sales Associate

April 2011 - November 2017

I was hired in spring of 2011 as a sales associate, initially at the Asheville location. My work at REI got me through college but has been much more instrumental than that. Despite being a retail job, REI taught me about branding and messaging in a 21st Century economic world. It's a retail company that emphasizes it's brand, because that's what makes it different: outdoor-focused, member-owned, stewardship, etc. And this brand is something that every employee builds at the store level, in our daily interactions with customers.
REI also showed me how my creativity bleeds into everything that I do. I've worked on the visual team, often am asked to work on displays, and continually find myself making everything as aesthetically pleasing as possible. I can't help improving layouts, constructing visual "stories", and just letting my designer eye show through.


  • Manage the day-to-day operations of my department, making things run smoothly, knowing the products better than anyone, and being the point person
  • Deliver excellent customer service on a daily basis
  • Know products in order to make calculated recommendations based off of customer needs
  • Member of the Safety Committee, Spring 2016 - Present
  • Member of Visual Team
  • Train, guide, and coach new hires through product training and guide shifts
  • Meet periodically with store Core Team (other store leaders) to discuss store status and needs

Christ Community Church // Communications Manager

August 2016 - Present

In the summer of 2016, pastor Byron Peters asked me to fill in a hole he felt existed in the church's staff. They were in desperate need for a website overhaul, had virtually no social media presence, no official advertising capacity, and no point person to take care of any of these needs. So, we constructed Christ Community Church's (CCC) communications manager position, and I became the first to fill the job.


  • Move the website from Wordpress to Squarespace - view it here
    • Redirect all domain registration information to the new hosting service
    • Completely redesign the website with a new modern look, streamline the information provided, take and purchase new photos
    • Continue to update and maintain
  • Create a Strategic Communications Calendar that integrates all communication channels into one file to coordinate effectively
  • Work with staff leaders to keep communication current and relevant
  • Update social media pages
    • Update and maintain Facebook page
    • Create CCC's Instagram account
    • "Promote" posts, targeting specific audiences with appropriate advertisements
  • Design advertisements, both print and digital


Adobe Creative Cloud products

Specifically Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop - I use Illustrator for most of my graphic design work and Photoshop for coloring my drawings.

Udacity course: Intro to HTML and CSS

Creative Writing

I have the equivalent education of a Creative Writing minor from UNC Chapel Hill, taking the coursework online. The classes focused on short stories, mostly fiction.


Occasionally, I've had the opportunity to use my traditional art skills for clients. When not doing that, I draw mostly ink on paper. Then I use my scanner to digitize the artwork before coloring it in Photoshop. This format provides a more raw look than a total digital work.

MailChimp layout and design

I redesigned the weekly newsletter for Christ Community Church in the summer of 2017.

Microsoft Office Products

Customer Service & Sales

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